RWBY Season 6 Episode 8 Review What Ruby's Missing

RWBY takes character inspiration from many fairy tales so when I saw the twin guards I was thinking maybe Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice and Wonderland were their original source.
In the world, remnant Faunas are less accepted than gays or women imagine being a gay female fauna Ilia's struggle is real.

What would the gods think of the fauna if they were to come back? Would they judge humanity on how they treated the fauna or would the judge the fauna as part of humanity?

I like Caroline Codovin, she is condescending and charming at the same time. Caroline is very patriotic and with patriotism comes the potential for segregation it fits in with her character that she someone who is quite literally a border keeper would want strict borders and thinks of a Fauna as a questionable character. She strict on borders, cashews and also strict on the borders between humans and fauna.

Caroline's blunt and honest the biggest potential flaw is that she is too rigged and does not know when to be flexible.

Because of the seniority and height, only Maria can effectively trade wits with Caroline without seeming unjustifiably disrespectful or like a bully. I love their relationship.

I think we all knew how Juane would react to the story from the entrance but the way he turned on Oscar was still really good. Ruby is the leader in the eyes of her peers when Weiss tried to defend Oscar from Jaune he continued when Yang called him to stop he continued the only time the room went silent and stopped is when Ruby put her foot down. The same as with the lamp falling down the well when Ruby puts her foot down the team listens

Magic came from the god of darkness and although Ruby's silver eyes cannot destroy magic because it is not only darkness it makes sense that the darkness inside of the magic would make the user in this case Cinder vulnerable. I think that's what Ruby is missing.

I believe Salem took at least one more dip in the pool of Grimm after her and Ozmar's fight because her appearance changed.

Although Salem cannot be destroyed maybe she can be purged of the darkness within by the power of the silver eyes perhaps that's why she wants all the silver eyed warriors dead because she does not want to be purged, negativity and power can be addictive.

Salem was right there when the god of light used his eyes to destroy the Grimm so she is probably more than aware.

 I think the series will end with Salem being purged and learning the importance of both life and death which will allow her to move on. I think Ozpin will also move on at the same time allowing Oscar to be his on entity not just one of Omar's lives. Ozpin was really hurt when his story was told I think if she as purged he would open his heart to her again.

After the scenes with Jaune from the entrance coming true, I think we all now have a higher suspicion that the scene with Qrow being pulled back by those dark hands is part of an episode and we are just waiting on the setup. Does anyone hold any hope for Qrow?

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RWBY Season 6 Episode 7 Review Salems Met Her Match

RWBY Season 6 Episode 7 Review The Grimm Reaper Salems Met Her Match

Salem wants Ruby kept alive and in the entrance we see Ruby fighting off the same dark hands used to pull Hazel down are Ruby's eyes of value to Salem and why considering she is invincible? Cinder is defying Salem's will by trying to have Ruby killed by Neo. This is a potential death flag.

The fight between Maria and her hunters was in real time I checked which was a seriously nice touch. And now we are all wondering who sent the hunters after Maria and will they come for Ruby as well and are they responsible for Ruby's mother going missing. On a side note it is believed Ruby's mother Summer Rose is dead and if so a good guess to the cause would be her silver eyes, they made her a target for the same people or person responsible for the attempt on Maria's life. If she were alive would Raven's bond with her be strong enough for her to use her semblance to find her? Cinder Fall is the fall maiden and fall is in her name if Summer were alive it would be interesting if she somehow turned out to be the Summer maiden.

The specifics of silver eye abilities are not quite clear yet but I definitely can see some parallels with Medusa after Maria turned the Grimm to stone. The way Maria used her Scythes as  double-sided Scythe reminded me of Darth Maul with the double lightsaber
We blink in order to keep our eyes lubricated so why does Maria need to blink with her Robot eyes?

Jaune's sister is funny the way he teases him is hilarious, he has always been comedic relief and the fact the Ruby list him as vomit boy on her phone reminded me of how funny Jaune has been in earlier seasons.
Given the size of the cast, a Lesbians couple is statistically acceptable, it does not feel forced like in some shows. since Legend of Korra the closet has been opened I mean door.
With Qrow there and the military radar system on the fritz, we can expect an attack from Grimm maybe not large scale like Beacon but large enough to perhaps get our heroes in the militaries good graces and create a distraction for Cinder and Neo. The only member of team RWBY not affected by the baby rabies is Blake who is the only one with a potential baby daddy lined up.

This episode had everything plot development, action, loss and comedy you got to see a little of what encompasses the series as a whole in a positive light and cuteness like never before. I don't even think Salem could resist that face her defeat would be inevitable.

RWBY Season 6 Episode 6 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 6 Review
The episode begins with Ruby staring at the moon, she does not see it the same way since Ozpin's or Ozma's story was revealed I wonder if silver eyes somehow connected to the moon and its remnants?
Ruby was the most resistant and to the apathy's influence is that somehow down to her silver eyes, I mean yang is the most positive and upbeat character surely on personality alone she should have been the last to fall prey to the Apathy's influence.

The irony is the apathy could conquer the world if they were more motivated they, are like the stoners of the world of Remnant.

A nice little touch when they were looking for the lamp and Blake suggested turning off the lights to
look for the glow reminding us she is a fauna and can see in the dark when she spotted the lamp first.

Ozpin is aware of silver eyes however none of his previous eyes possessed the trait so his experience is not first hand. Did Ozpin make the youngest member of team RWBY Ruby the leader because of her eyes? Her mother Summer Rose was the leader of team STRQ and she also possessed silver eyes.

With the exception of Qrow and Oscar the team all had to fight against the apathy and after being exposed to so much apathy were able to develop in the way they needed to continue against Salem when it would be easier not to, the apathy they faced after Salem's story is nothing compared to the apathy they faced against the Grimm making the inner battle against the apathy caused by Ozma's story much easier to defeat .
The reason Ozpin did not tell his story is that people may give in to apathy he knows this from personal experience after how broken he was from Jin's answer to his question.
Qrow did not have to battle against the apathy and probably won't see the development necessary to continue after Ozpin or Ozma's story, it looks more and more likely he will succumb the darkness.

I Don't know if anyone else noticed but it looks like Oscar is becoming more and more like Ozpin in term of mannerism. This is the first time Oscar has taken this kind of stance when Ozpin was not directly influencing him.
What are your thoughts?

Rwby Season 6 Episode 5 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 5 Review The Coming Storm

Lil Miss is like Batman with spiders she turned her fear into her weapon, she's not someone who can be easily intimidated, selling out someone she knew was dangerous even if she didn't know the full extent of the danger.

Her design tells us a lot about her she's a little pudgy because she's good at getting others to do the work for her' it's unlikely she will be a great physical threat.

To Quote Cus D'Amato

'The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It's the same thing, fear, but it's what you do with it that matter.'

I guess the same can apply to villains.

The fight between Neo and Cinder was amazing there was one part where Cinder spun Neo around on the table and the whole dynamic helped to add to this feeling that you were moving with them as they fought rather than sitting still watching them helping to engage the viewer in the wicked choreography. The animator is doing a really good job and we all know there are some big boots to fill but the animator really has done RWBY justice this season/volume.

Cinder could have used the maiden power from the beginning but chose to wait until she and Neo were alone to utilize the maiden power in a more obvious way.

Neo was afraid of Raven but not Cinder until she used the maiden power, she has gotten stronger as a result of Torchwood's death her desire for revenge has fueled her growth..

Before the coming storm came out I read a lot of comment from people complaining that Yang's PTSD had been swept under the rug.

RWBY has a big audience and some of those people will suffer from or know someone who suffers from PTSD it makes characters a lot more heroic when we see and understand how they deal with their personal demons.

Because Blake was right there when Yang's was unarmed I wonder if Yang more strongly associates her with the trauma and now they are alone together the signs are beginning to show.

I believe Yang and Blakes's potential development is necessary for another showdown with Adam.  In the past, Blake runs away from problems and Yang charges forward recklessly without thinking that's what cost her her arm.

Yang does not want or need Blake to protect her what she wants is for them to stand together this was the cause of previous arguments with Blake neglecting sleep trying to do everything alone they need each other to further their individual development.

Ozpin's Fear

The group was not happy about the story Jin told them and Weiss was articulating what Ozpin most likely feared, with  questioning Ruby on whether or not they were still going to Atlas, nihilism in the face of overwhelming odds. This is not the last time that question will come up and it will be a hard one to counter.

In an earlier review, I talked about how Qrow would be more likely to turn to alcohol to numb the pain of being bad luck because without the purpose Ozpin gave him his pain will be harder to bare and from Ruby's reaction finding plenty of alcohol it looks like she shares my sentiments.

This episode introduced a horror theme which although I thought was a nice change of pace has not scared me. After Jin's story  some of the team most likely considering not continuing to Atlas the use of a common enemy or a common fear and the fact they can't leave is an easy way to indefinitely keep them together at least until they are closer to a resolution concerning  the predicament Ozpin's  truth has put them in as well as offering potential character development.

It looks like the life force was sucked right out of the people by whatever is lurking in the basement.

Three bears beans a tribute to the Goldilocks story they are shrimped flavoured by the way I wonder if the seafood element will appeal to Blake's feline side and she will most enjoy the food?

Weiss is the rich girl and it shows how many times in her life has she eaten canned food Ruby had to sell its charm with salt. I have a feeling Maria is going to find a book that reads in rhyming format she told Oscar you keep that fire fed an I'll find a story to read before bed.

RWBY Season 6 Episode 4 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 4 Review So That's How It Is
The Sins Of Ozpin Shall Be Visited Upon Oscar
Ozpin was really hurt by reliving the story and having the others find out. I would not want to relive that if I was him.
Ozpin got Detroit smashed and man is Oscar gonna feel that. Qrow says meeting Ozpin was the worst luck of his life and to be honest I felt that one given who it was coming from and how you could tell he meant it.

Qrow is always drunk probably to numb the pain of his semblance however now that he feels as though the purpose Ozpin gave him was not real he will probably turn to even more drink. In the entrance we see hands pulling a drinking Qrow down, we learn in this episode those are from Salem because she used those same dark hands to pull down Hazel. If Salem were to kidnap Qrow perhaps his bad luck semblance would work against her. In the entrance it looks like those dark hands also try to get Ruby, Salem's interest in her is probably because of her silver eyes
In my episode 2 review before Jin revealed Ozpins story I predicted that the truth would lead to Jaune blaming Ozpin for Pyrrha's death because of the entrance. Judging by the reaction of team RWBY I think I may be right.

Jin said that Salem cannot be destroyed that does not make her unbeatable. We still do not know what Oscar's semblance is and given that Ozpin is based on the wizard of OZ and Oscar is the wizard of OZ's real name we can guess that this will be Ozmar or Ozpin's last reincarnation. Salem cannot die until she understands the importance of both life and death according to the god of light so if Oscar's semblance can influence Salem in some way perhaps there is a chance maybe with a power-up from Jaune.
Honestly, I feel quite strongly for Ozpin he's taken lifetimes to move on and I can't blame him for not wanting to destroy all hope. After the truth was found out Ozpin became more honest, I feel like Ozpin is a teenager hiding in Oscars head the way a teenager may refuse to come out of their room. I get that Ozpin or Ozmar has withheld a lot of information and he should have been more honest given that Qrow especially is risking his life and ha given much of his life to Ozpin's cause, however, I think he was due to some empathy. Am I the only one or does everyone else think that the reactions from everybody were entirely justified?
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RWBY Season 6 Episode 3 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 3 Review The Lost Fable

In the last review, I did I talked a little bit about RWBY using fairy tales as a source of inspiration for its character among other mythology and historical characters. I also mentioned that Ozpin is based on the wizard of OZ the Professor Lionheart the cowardly lion but what about Salem? Episode 3 has revealed Salem is based on the wicked witch. The wicked witch melted when water was thrown on her and Salem was given eternal life by water from the fountain of life.

In the world of remnants, it seems that all who die go to the same place the gods of light and dark have no control over where someone resides in the afterlife or why keep Salem alive to prevent her from seeing Ozmar again.

Salem used the same manipulation the devil used in Christianity to turn the people against the gods. Satan claimed if they ate the fruit Adam and Eve would have the same powers as god and Salem promised the same if they destroyed their gods.

Origins Of Dust

The God of darkness said he gave humanity magic as a gift but perhaps he also indirectly gave them dust. When he destroyed the moon perhaps those fragments that fell to earth became the dust that is used in the world of remnant, quite literally moon dust.

Maybe Ruby's silver eyes are somehow connect to the moon allowing her to tap into magic when confronted by magic like the maidens power.
The younger Salem we saw did not demonstrate the power to control grim or looked as veiny I think Salem took another dip in the pools of Grimm after her fight with Ozmar.
Salem  genuinely loved Ozmar and her kids.

Because of the Pools of Grimm's influence Salem is not able to distinguish between a desire for freedom and power. Real freedom is not dependent on your capacity to control others quite the opposite.

4 Seems To be The Magic Number
Ozmar and Salem had four daughters did and Ozpin decided to create four maidens did they represent what he wished his daughters would have grown to be.

We know that Jin was created by the god of light and these other relics may also all have certain entities that inhabit them also.
I think the relics of destruction and choice were made by the god of darkness. And creation and obviously knowledge by the god of light.
Relics: Creation/ looks like septar. Destruction Sword, Choice Crown, Knowledge lamp

We know that the lamp summons Jin a Genie so if the other relics have entities what type of entity do you think they would summon?

Salem is corrupt and wants the relics brought together in order to summon the gods so they will destroy everything.
Salem cannot be destroyed she can only move on once she understands the importance of life and death which due to her corruption seems impossible. The reason the Grimm are attracted to the relics is probably because Salem ordered them to look for the relics.

I only just noticed this but in the entrance when the book goes straight into Qrows face was that because of jaunes clumsiness or Qrows own bad luck semblance?

One Of The Best Episodes Of RWBY Ever

This whole episode captivated me because of how immersive the storytelling telling was. I am very detail orientated as you have probably guessed from my other reviews and because RWBY has a history of detail defects I usually ignore them so I can enjoy the qualities although I can find them distracting. With this episode I was glued to the screen like a kid I found myself not having to ignore anything and only saw quality at every scene.

The voice acting of the gods and Jin was amazing and the music complemented everything wonderfully.
Ozmar trusted Salem with everything and she deceived him maybe that's why he was reluctant to trust, I thought he might be hiding something more incriminating but we still have one question left.

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RWBY Season 6 Episode 2 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 2 Review

RWBY Season 6 Episode 2 Review Uncovered

I thought cinder was dead after she got sub zeroed and we would be expecting a new fall maiden. This is an interesting development because Cinder is a loose end to Raven. Not only is she alive she's alive and Raven thinks she is dead leaving her vulnerable to a surprise attack if Salem were to be alerted.
Maria Calavera
The old lady Maria reminds me of the old Kitara in the legend of Korra at least in regards to her look and maybe her semblance will be somehow inspired. Her name sounded Spanish so I googled it and it is, in fact, Spanish, Calavera means a representation of a skull so that gives us a clue about her semblance if she has one.

Ren Was right Not A Genie A Geness

Ozpin was making excuses for the cowardly Lionheart the way he makes excuses for himself.
Ozpin is manipulative and this Genie Jin is a super convenient way to get to the truth. Jin was created by the god of light which is interesting because she is able to shine a light on any knowledge. After a quick google search, I found out the meaning of Jin's name according to Google as a boy's name (also used as a girl's name). Its origin is Chinese and usage is Chinese and Japanese. It means "bright and beautiful." Very appropriate name.hottest genie ever.

Jin is a genie so does she have any chance of being set free at some point.
She knows Ozpin but from which life how far back do they go and given the fact there are two wishes left did Ozpin make the first and in which life?

When Jin started answering there question we got a sense of who was closest by who called for who 
Ruby Called For Weiss And Yang
Yang For Blake
Weiss Called Ruby Ruby
And Blake For yang

We did not see Oscar or Ozpin but we did see Qrow is also being shown the story which may change things because he has been the most loyal to Ozpin almost defending him from team RWBY if the truth is that bad maybe the only thing preventing Ozpin from being alone is Oscar and in the opening Jaune has Ozpin or oscar against the wall so maybe the truth will have  him blaming Ozpin for Pyrrha's death.

EVIL Queen's Are The Princesses That Were Never Saved
That ending a with Salem makes me think of the quote that titles this paragraph was Ozpin suppose to be that saviour was he a love interest? 
RWBY is heavily influenced by fairy tales but with this episode, it really stood out not just because of the Genie but also the theme when jin started the story the fairy princess music started. Ozpin is based on the wizard of OZ and Professor Professor Leonardo Lionheart the cowardly lion and he is a coward in the story and all the characters have inspirations from mostly fairy tails
One thing for sure Ozpin You Got Some Explaining To Do


RWBY Season 6 Episode 2 Review